Simorgh Plastic Group
Injection moulding and tool making
Injection moulding and tool making

CME company


CME combines the production of injected parts and the production of the associated tool for over 50 years.

Founded in May 1968 by Jean-Jacques Leveque, the company began by making general mechanical parts for special machines, connecting rod sets for injection moulding machines, tire mould bodies for cycles.

Then it quickly specialized in thermoplastic injection moulding and at the same time diversified its the capacity to inject plastic parts.

Taken over in the 1990s by the founder's sons, Patrick and Jean-Luc Leveque it joined the Simorgh group in 2019.

Our history is a human adventure
Our history is a human adventure

Our values

We combine technicality and proximity
We combine technicality and proximity

End-to-end service

Located in Compiègne, 80 km north of Paris, we are pursuing our development based on the same values of proximity and technical excellence.

Our tool production capabilities ensure flexibility and reliability during the manufacturing process. Our expertise in finishing and assembly allows us to provide you with complete functional sets.

Our credo is to locally develop and produce for our customers the best part for the right application.

The group

Plastic injection moulding as a service

The Simorgh Plastic group is a plastic injection moulding specialist whose ambition since 2008 has been to develop on French territory, to meet the industrial, societal and environmental challenges we face.

Beyond our technical skills that we strive to maintain and develop, we have built our success on values of partnership and responsibility. They form the basis of the long-term relationships that we maintain with our customers, to ensure their success and ours.