Simorgh Plastic Group
Plastic injection moulding for our customers is our first “raison d'être”
Plastic injection moulding is our first “raison d'être”

Our activity

Plastic injection moulding

The injection of parts for our customers is our primary reason of being, and we put the resources and energy needed to achieve the best standards of quality and production time.

We mould small series of a hundred parts, up to large series of more than 500,000 parts per year.

We produce bi-material parts to obtain broader functionalities such as more ergonomic grip or electrical insulation.

We also carry out finishing operations which allow us to provide our customers with functional sets. That way we carry out the fitting of inserts by overmolding, ultrasonic or welding, or the complete assembly of sub-sets which integrate metal parts.

25 presses from 25T to 350T
25 presses from 25T to 350T

Our capacity

On our 3,600m² site located in Compiègne, our fleet of injection moulding machines is made up of around 25 presses from 25 T to 350 T, and we mould parts from 1g to 1kg.

We also have the capacity to use the industrial resources of our group, and thus to carry our moulding capacities up to parts weighing 3.5 kg, and molded on large tonnage presses, up to 800 T .


A wide variety of markets

As a result of our parts design and mould production capabilities, we are developing in areas where plastic parts fulfill a relatively complex technical function, often being associated with non-plastic components (metal inserts, seals, decoration).

Our main fields of activity are as diverse as electricity, spraying and watering, automotive painting, railways, medical equipment, RFID equipment.

Our varied fields of activity contribute to increase our expertise
The diversity of our markets contributes to increase our expertise


A material for each use

In relation with the diversity of our activities, we are bound to transform a wide variety of plastics to achieve each of the required part functionalities.

To obtain resistance and longevity we transform loaded or uncharged PAs.

For the lightness and the economic choice we rather inject PPs. For mechanical strength and appearance, ABS.

We also process a large quantity of flexible plastics, such as TPEs, TPUs or SEBS.

We encourage our customers to use recycled plastics, and are at the forefront of using bio-based plastics, or minimizing the use of fossil fuels.

Quality at the center of the system


Our Quality approach is based on 3 fundamental pillars: a quality system in accordance with the Iso9001 standard version 2015, a pragmatic continuous improvement which concern involves each department of the company and is led by the Management team, an environmental approach which minimizes the ecological impact of the company operation.

We integrate into our internal processes the will to recycle all our plastic waste.

Our goal is to achieve ISO 14001 certification by the end of 2022.

Our Quality department is focused on the control and validation of parts, both in the production phases, but also in development and industrialization.

It also deploys its full range of skills in customer support to quickly resolve, in an open partnership, any industrial problems that may occur.